Here are the last 5 things you can look forward to potentially happening in 2019 with CBD


15. More Investors And Capital

With the growing legitimacy and current market projections for hemp and CBD, companies in the industry can look forward to more investor interest.

This is great news for both startups and existing companies looking to grow.

16. Market Growth For CBD

Analysis of the hemp CBD industry indicates exponential growth is on its way.

report by Brightfield Group estimates that by 2022 the market will grow nearly 40 times its current size, which is just under $600 million.

In 2019, due in part to full hemp legalization, Brightfield Group believes the CBD industry will surpass $5 billion.

The report shows the industry reaching $22 billion in 2022.

17. Rising CBD Stock Prices

If the predicted growth in market size is any indication, stock prices for hemp CBD companies are likely to rise.

For investors and companies alike, 2019 should be an exciting time for the CBD and hemp markets.

18. Lower Product Prices

A higher supply of hemp and the potential of increased competition could lower prices for CBD products in 2019.

Right now, costs are reasonable with most legitimate brands, but a drop in price could make CBD products affordable for several more people.

19. FDA Approval Of CBD

While the 2018 Farm Bill was a major victory for the CBD industry, the FDA has not approved CBD for food and drink.

For this to change, the FDA will have to conduct a review and come to a conclusion on the cannabinoid.

Existing research on CBD indicates that it is safe for consumption and effective for many conditions.

While it may not happen this year, the research available and any other information the FDA gathers make us cautiously optimistic the agency will give its approval to CBD.

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