CBD-infused pizza and drinks? Tempe, AZ restaurant offers buzzy food trend

Who is up for some pot pizza?

OK, that’s not really accurate. However, Spinelli’s Pizzeria on Mill Avenue in Tempe is now offering CBD-infused pizza and cocktails.

How fitting. A pizza place seems like the perfect spot to get the munchies.

Kidding, again. While CBD, or cannabidiol, is one many many compounds in marijuana plants, it doesn’t actually get you high. It is, however, a 2019 trend in food circles.

CBD proponents claim all sorts of beneficial effects, such as calming anxiety, offering pain relief and helping with insomnia.

“I truly believe in innovative forms of treating pain and mood disorders, and I’m so proud we’re the first bar and restaurant in the area to offer CBD extract to our guests,” Spinelli’s owner Christopher Palma said in a statement.

The jury’s still out on the medicinal benefits, but there’s no question that CBD is a hot trend, making several lists as one of the things to look for in food in 2019. So it’s no surprise that it has landed in Arizona.

And while, again, CBD won’t get you stoned, Spinelli’s isn’t exactly downplaying where it comes from.

The restaurant is offering six CBD-infused cocktails, with names like:

  • Drug Mule ($12) with Tito’s vodka, Agwa de Bolivia, Goslings Ginger Beer, fresh mint and CBD extract.
  • Wake & Bake ($9) with Jack Daniel’s infused with CBD that’s supposed to taste like waffles and syrup.
  • Doobie Snack ($9) with Malibu, melon liquor, Crème de Banana, pineapple juice and CBD extract.

Customers can also add a single dose of CBD to cocktails, beer, soda or pizza slices for $5, or $10 for an entire pizza.

That way, you can catch the latest food buzz.

Details: 420 S. Mill Ave, Tempe. 602-800-5300. spinellispizzeria.com. Hours: 11 a.m.-5 a.m. daily.


Source: AZ Central