With the recent press of Nate Diaz live on Television smoking a CBD Vapor Pen, CBD has gotten a lot of press.

The funny thing is that it is just the first time many people realize how many celebrities are just like us. They have problems, pains, or their own reasons to want to relax. CBD is great for not getting high but still feeling the medicinal marijuana effects.

That is why celebrities like the few listed below and many more are using CBD. 

Shortly after Nate Diaz’s 5-round war with Conor McGregor, he addressed the assembled media. Interestingly enough, Diaz was smoking a vape pen while answering questions. When asked about it, Diaz said the pen had CBD oil.

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Tommy Chong Uses CBD

In June 2012, Tommy Chong revealed he was suffering from prostate cancer. Less than a year later the pot comic reported that he’d kicked the disease with the help of various therapies, including hemp oil.




Whoopi Goldberg Uses a Vape Pen

My vape pen and I maintain a mostly private relationship. Sure, I’ll sometimes show my pen to a friend or share her with a close confidant. But mostly it’s just she and I working through my pain. And her ability to help me live comfortably with glaucoma makes her one of the more important figures in my day to day.
Whoopi Goldberg: My vape pen and I, a love story (column)
“I took a sip. It was beautiful. And my pen and I have been together ever since.”

Those are some of the bigger ones.

As you can see there are a lot of reasons that celebrities use CBD and Vape Pens.


Other Celebrities include:


Melissa Etheridge Uses Pot CBD

Melissa Etheridge: Pot got me through

People use marijuana for different reasons, and I needed it to get me through tough times. I used it every day during chemo: It gave me an appetite so I was able to eat and keep my strength up. It also helped with the depression, and it eased the gastrointestinal pain.
I have been a medicinal marijuana smoker for nine years now. I find relief from the gastrointestinal effects of the chemo even now. I find it helps with regulating my sleep. I also enjoy it before I watch “Game of Thrones.”




Morgan Freeman On Marijuana: ‘Legalize It Across The Board!’

Freeman, who stars with Diane Keaton in the new rom-com, “5 Flights Up,” said he still has chronic pain from a near-fatal car crash in 2008 that caused extensive nerve damage in his hand.  He also revealed to Esquire in 2012 that he suffers from fibromyalgia and said the pain it causes in his arm can be “excruciating.”

“The only thing that offers any relief is marijuana or CBD,” Freeman told The Daily Beast. He also touted the benefits medical marijuana can have for children.



A lot of people are aware of Montel Williams’ advocacy for medical marijuana – and he has a very impactful and legitimate reason for doing so. Montel Williams, the former host of the classic ’90s talk show,The Montel Williams Show, has been a medical marijuana patient since 1999 when he was diagnosed withmultiple sclerosis (MS). 

“Medical marijuana has allowed me to live a productive, fruitful life despite having multiple sclerosis. Many thousands of others all over this country — less well-known than me but whose stories are just as real — have experienced the same thing,” stated Williams back in 2007.


Tell me about being diagnosed with MS.

My diagnosis came about because I was dead-lifting with a new technique. I felt like I’d tweaked something in my back, but later, my feet were on fire. There was severe pain that sent me to a doctor, and I was diagnosed. The doctor said I had to give up on strenuous exercise because it was going to exacerbate the condition — and that prognosis hurt me for seven years. I shouldn’t have listened. What I should have done was continue working out.

The doctor said I’d be in a wheelchair in four years, and I just wanted to quit. I almost took my own life; the depression lasted about seven months. But now I’m looking to live instead of looking to die.

I thought, “If so many people believe in me, why can’t I believe in myself?” Then I decided that I was going to turn this whole thing around, and I started doing a bunch of research on MS. I’m doing everything I can to determine what I need to do to impact my illness and get better and hopefully help other people. It’s been incredible in terms of boosting my mood and having a positive impact on my emotional state.

So what specifically did you do?