Eaze Names CBD ‘Breakout Star’ in 2018 Report

Eaze, a prominent cannabis delivery company based in California, called CBD a “breakout star” in its 2018 cannabis report. The key finding in the report was that Eaze’s total number of CBD consumers nearly doubled from 2017. Other highlights included the demographics of CBD users and the primary reasons consumers had for taking CBD.

Eaze Releases CBD Insights

In its annual cannabis report earlier this month, Eaze revealed that CBD was the “breakout start”and “darling” of 2018.

Eaze is a cannabis delivery company that provides on-demand delivery in California while also shipping hemp-derived CBD products nationwide.

The company used anonymized data from its 450,000 consumer database and the answers of 4,000 survey respondents to compile its report.

CBD Consumers Nearly Double

Eaze found that its total number of CBD consumers jumped from 2.6% in 2017 to 4.8% in 2018.

This jump is likely attributable to the growing body of information and anecdotal evidence about the benefits of CBD.

Projections by market analysis firms believe this upward trend will continue and at a quick pace.

Brightfield Group estimates the hemp-derived CBD industry alone will reach approximately $5.9 billion in 2019 and hit $22 billion by 2022.

The industry posted around $591 million in 2018.

CBD Demographics

The CBD consumer demographic was primarily Baby Boomers (8.4%), according to the Eaze report.

More specifically, female Baby Boomers made up 21% of consumers buying primarily CBD products.

Both men and women expressed significantly more interest in CBD this year than last, but women had a faster-growing interest (92% vs. 72%).

Overall, Eaze found that the number of women cannabis consumers almost doubled in 2018 from 2017, representing 38% of total cannabis consumers.

The growth of women purchasing cannabis likely has to do with the rising interest in wellness.

Eaze reported women were more likely to buy products such as drops and topicals, products often connected with wellness.

Reasons For Using CBD

According to the report, the top reason for using CBD—and cannabis as a whole—is for wellness.

“While there are subtle nuances regarding how different groups consume, across gender and generation, the overwhelming commonality is wellness,” said the report.

For CBD consumers, the most popular uses were for anxiety, sleep, and pain relief.

Eaze also revealed the top four most reported effects when using CBD: relaxation (61%), anxiety relief (41%), stress relief (41%), and pain relief (40%).

Cannabis consumers also reduced their reliance on over-the-counter (71%) and prescription medications (35%).

Baby Boomers were the most likely generation to reduce or stop their use of over-the-counter medicine (76%).

This data may indicate why Baby Boomers were the most common users of CBD.

More importantly, it helps provide further evidence of the many potential benefits scientific research has shown both CBD and cannabis may have.