Getting to know depression

Everybody experiences downs in their lives. But for some, these episodes can be a lot more severe and persistent as with veterans of our military. Almost everyone experiences the feeling of being depressed, but to actually have depression is a whole different thing.

Depression makes you feel like there’s no hope to just being down. This feeling can take a massive hit on your spirit and self-esteem, make you feel low-spirited and sad. For most patients, these episodes are mild and pass quickly, but there are people that will go through days of depression. For patients with a minor case of depression there would not need to resort to any kind of treatment on their doctors orders. For others, however, they last for long periods of time and can get quite intense. In these cases, this morose feeling may fester into something that may seem to never go away.

This condition is medically categorized as depression or severe depression. It is often catalyzed by a mixture of serious psychological and environmental factors. In many cases, this condition can be passed onto children from their parents. Individuals can also develop this condition as a secondary response to already existing conditions like PTSD or social anxiety. Severe bouts of anxiety can make them afraid to go outside and interact with people, resulting in them becoming withdrawn and depressed.

Over the years, there have been several discoveries of medication that can help curb depression and alleviate its symptoms. The most recent breakthrough was the study of CBD and its impact on people suffering from clinical depression. Researchers have claimed that medical marijuana and or CBD can be used to treat depression in people who have had the condition for years and help make their lives much better.

How do you learn if you have depression?

Besides from feeling low-spirited, sadness, and hopelessness, there are many other symptoms that present themselves in individuals suffering from depression. These include insomnia, poor appetite, unable to concentrate, lack of interest in daily activities, fatigue, etc.  We would still suggest that you visit your doctor to get a diagnosis of depression or severe depression be for a medical treatment can be provided.

After you have been diagnosed as having a form of depression you should talk to your medical provider and see if CBD would help your case.  Work with the medical provider on the daily amount of CBD you should take.  This can be 10mg per day all the way to 100mg per day.

CBD can be offered in multiple forms.  The main one everyone knows about is CBD Oil, there are also pills, vapes, sprays, edibles, and creams.  It is best to talk with your doctor about which would be best for you and in what daily mg level.  Also some patients have to take 2 doses per day.

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