More and more athletes are becoming aware of CBD oil and fitness

More and more athletes are starting to make a connection between CBD oil and fitness when seeking to improve their athletic performance.

This contradicts the stereotyped image people hold of ‘stoners’ lazing around on couches and reaching for junk food to still their ‘munchies’. Athletes incorporate cannabis into their fitness regime to enhance their game, or improve their focus. No studies have been done to support this theory, so these athletes are on their own to prove positive effects.


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Surviving cancer twice

Gaynell Rogers MD of Bloom Cannabis says she survived cancer twice, once colon cancer, and then breast cancer. She uses a cannabis tincture for her swimming training, and she says it keeps her focused and she work out harder. She explains that there are 2,100 different cannabis strains available in California, and it took some time for her to figure out which one is best for her. She doesn’t use psychoactive strains, preferring non-psychoactive CBD, which allows her to maintain mental alertness.

One of the first people to make the connection between cannabis and fitness was Jim McAlpine, he became convinced of the benefit of cannabis when trying to lose weight: yet another contradiction to the common belief that stoners gorge themselves on unhealthy snacks all day to satisfy their cravings. McAlpine established a competition amongst athletes using cannabis, the 420 games, to de-stigmatize people using marijuana. He says he wants to teach people how to use cannabis optimally, and in a healthy way.

Power Plant Fitness

McAlpne joined forces with former NFL player Ricky Williams to establish a gym called Power Plant Fitness where they do cannabis assessments for clients on baseline workouts, calculating the best protocol for each person individually.

Others claim you can halve your recovery time after exertion, increase your cardio output, and discover the best workout pattern and routine in no time.

Expert on fitness

Many say this is too good to be true, as can be expected if you follow the conventional route, but fitness junkies discovered they achieve much more in a single workout. McAlpine uses cannabis in his fitness regime for post-workout pain and to focus. He says everything he does is legal, and he hopes to become an expert on fitness and cannabis.

Fitness fanatics

Fitness fanatic, Lance Parvin, co-founder of the Compassionate Awareness Project, recommends medicinal cannabis for training. His background in herbal psychopharmacology showed him that cannabis in combination with other sources of nutrition is better than certain well-known amino acids and supplements.

Medical cannabis is gaining popularity not just as an anti-pain or anti-carcinogenic compound, but also for a much wider variety of purposes. Parvin says medicinal cannabis has a broad spectrum of benefits, whether someone uses it to medicate a specific condition, or utilizes it for training purposes. Parvin works with trainers, performers and bodybuilders adding cannabidiol (CBD) to their regimes.

Fast recovery from injuries

He says you can help someone recover, and get back into training so much faster after injury without using toxic supplements or prescription drugs.

One gym owner Parvin converted to trying CBD oil pills noticed the quality of her workouts changed dramatically after just one month; she says she recovered much faster. She battled to add weights ever since she can remember, but she is now moving up at a much quicker pace when she lifts.

Parvin says the best thing about adding CBD to a regime is it is easy. He advises people to take it before they go to sleep, or post-workout, as this helps them achieve a deeper REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which helps the body to recover naturally.

Parvin’s recommendation to athletes taking their fitness seriously, is to apply for medical marijuana cards on the basis of chronic pain, as pain becomes inflammation after workouts.

CBD oil and fitness

CBD oil and fitness seems to be an easy way to solve many training problems, from pain to endurance and general maintenance of a healthy body.