Pacific CBD Co For Pets

First ever symposium of its kind explores benefits of CBD for pets.

By now most people of heard of the amazing therapeutic values Cannabidiol (CBD) has had in the lives of children and adults across the world. But not everyone has learned how CBD for pets can truly be beneficial for our animal friends. Dr. Robert J. Silver, Chief Veterinary Officer of Folium Biosciences, gave a lecture on ‘Veterinary Cannabinoid Therapeutics’ at the first annual “Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine Symposium”.

Folium Biosciences is currently leading the market in bulk cannabidiol (CBD) based formulations for the animal health industry. In fact, Dr. Silver leads the team at Folium Biosciences Animal Health Division crafting unique CBD formulations specifically for our pets. He works with veterinarians across the country to ensure that there are rich studies available on the effects of CBD on our animal friends. The nation’s veterinarians are also working together to develop more clinical trials and animal health studies on the topic.

At the moment, around 3-5% of all dogs suffer from epilepsy. Also, around 14 million dogs have some form of arthritis. As millions of people use CBD and hemp oil to treat these same conditions, the veterinary community has begun to do the same for animals. Over the last five years, the community has released more studies on the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes on animals. From this diligent research, we’ve learned that THC can be toxic to our pets. This information comes from some deaths after well-meaning pet parents gave them some of their own medical cannabis.

As Dr. Silver said, “We have learned that the quality of the raw material providing the cannabinoids and terpenes plays the most important role to ensure successful clinical outcomes in our pets and farm animals.”

With this knowledge, it has become commonplace to assume that animals can be treated with CBD hemp oil. Dogs, cats, horses, and even birds have an endocannabinoid system much like humans, and hopefully, with more research, we can provide our pets with relief from pains and/or seizures using this alternative treatment.