Top 10 Pacific CBD Co Stocking Stuffers (10 - 6)

Pacific CBD Co  — it's so hot right now. And, if you have any wellness nerds on your holiday shopping list, chances are they'd love nothing more than some gummies, lip balms, Muscle and Joint Cream, and even the best Oil's in the industry.

Here is the firs

10) Pacific CBD Co 125mg Muscle and Joint Cream - Not only is this a good stocking stuffer but if you have a family member or friend who is in pain this cream could possibly lessen the pain.

9) Pacific CBD Co Pet Drops 250mg - Don't forget your pet(s) when buying stocking stuffers.  With our Pet Drops you could help your pet(s) with any problems they are having.

8) Pacific CBD Co Face & Body Lotion 80mg - Give this to your loved ones who would like i nice smelling lotion that could add a benefit to their life going forward.

7) Pacific CBD Co Pet Drops 125mg - Coming in at our number 7 item you will find our other Pet Drops.  Give this to your pets to have a happy pet now and in the future.

6) Pacific CBD Co Oil Drops 2000mg - Give your family or friends the gift that keeps giving.  Drop the 2000mg Oil Drops in their stocking and let them have a great holiday feeling better.


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