True Story: CBD-Infused Coffee Has Changed My Life for the Better

I suppose you could say that up until roughly a month ago, I hadn't given the CBD movement, as it pertains to the beauty and wellness industry, a fair shot. I had experimented here and there with balms, lotions, sprays, and under-the-tongue strips, but nothing stuck. I was intrigued, but I didn't experience anything miraculous. Therefore, I let my CBD product stash slip to the wayside. The one product I had strangely neglected? Cannabis oil. Which is weird considering oil-filled tinctures are one of the most popular ways to imbibe right now. Leave it to me to miss the train entirely only to arrive late to the party months later. Alas, I'm here now and ready to share my newest morning ritual: a CBD-infused elixir of happiness that irons out my nerves while allowing my much-needed coffee high to do its thing. Yep, squeezing CBD oil into my morning coffee has changed my life for the better. It's not surprising considering the plethora of research correlating the compound with decreased anxiety. Let me explain.


I've talked before how walking the aisles of the grocery store is one of my favorite pastimes. There's something incredibly soothing about being in my own little bubble, alone (hi, I'm an introvert), while also doing my bod some good by crafting a nourishing menu for the week. Further, Erewhon Market, L.A.'s iconic, super-healthy-eating pit stop, is my ultimate mecca. It was there that I discovered my first gateway into the land of CBD. On the search for a quick hit of caffeine. With 3 different enticing flavor profiles to choose from, I ultimately landed on Peppermint oil. 

The next morning, I blended the contents of the bottle up with collagen (because I add some Proteins to pretty much everything I drink) and took my first sip. I was immediately impressed with the taste—so creamy, dreamy, delicious, and not at all skunky. Settling into my couch with my laptop (lazy Sunday mornings are when I like to get myself organized for the upcoming work week), I continued to sip. Normally, and as it would for anyone, diving into my inbox, scanning the upcoming week's calendar, and plotting out all my upcoming to-dos sends shivers of nerves and anxiety down my spine. I love my job, but it comes with its fair share of stress. Miraculously, however, I felt calm, cool, and collected. As my fingers skipped away at lightning speed on my keyboard courtesy of that 80 milligrams of caffeine, I didn't have the usual side effect of nerves, jumps, or jitters. I felt good, and on my way home from the gym later that day, I picked up a couple more bottles of coffee so i could add CBD to them with my other proteins. What can I say? I was high for it. Of course, "high" not to be taken literally, as CBD—aka cannabidiol—is a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis.

Fast-forward a couple days and a couple bottles of the CBD coffee later, and I was 100% sold. My wallet, however, was not. Later I learned how to make a specific blend of coffee that i like with my CBD and proteins.  Now my wallet is not hurting bad.

Of course, CBD oil can be added to any type of beverage, not necessarily just coffee, but I've come to love the calm yet ultra-productive effect it has on my morning mood when combined with cold brew. I feel happier and less worried or encumbered by stress. Essentially, it helps me feel like I can take on the world or, at the very least, the inevitable deluge of emails, deadlines, meetings, and maybe even an evening Spin class, that await. Keep scrolling for the morning recipe I swear by and all the essential ingredients.


The CBD oil I love is peppermint flavored, I opt for the like-minded flavor of Pacific CBD Co's 2000mg Peppermint CBD Oil. Post-coffee and -ice, it's like a magical peppermint shake that simultaneously wakes me up and calms me down. Kind of perfect, no? 

Keeping with the theme, this mocha-inspired organic formula is one of my favorites as far as cold brew goes, and I always keep a 32-ounce bottle on hand in my refrigerator.  Just so i don't have to wait that 3 mins for my coffee pot to make some more coffee for me.  Also i have found that adding mocha creamer to my morning coffee adds another taste. 

Here is what I do on a normal morning.  I take 16 oz of coffee from my fridge, add 1 to 2 droppers of Peppermint CBD Oil 20mg - 40mg, a splash of creamer then to top it all off i add my other supplements and ice in my blender and mix them all up for about 30 seconds to 1 min.