Ways to use CBD for working out or being an Athlete

Ways CBD can help pre and post workout for anyone including Athletes.

1. To alleviate chronic pain

Certain CBD products, including softgels, topical creams, and epsom salts, promise relief from aches like lower back pain or injury. Matthew Meyer, 26, a running coach and competitive athlete in New York City, swears by a topical CBD-infused cream to ease residual sensitivity in his tibia stemming from an old stress fracture.

2. As an ibuprofen alternative

Popping an ibuprofen or Advil is a common practice for many athletes after a hard race or rough-and-tumble sports game. Lately, CBD oral softgels been touted as more natural form of relief for minor aches and pains, too.

3. For routine recovery


Studies do show that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can help individuals fall asleep, which accelerates the entire recuperating process. This is the idea behind products like CBD-enhanced protein powder. Pat Haymaker, 32, takes a CBD-infused gummy after a tough workout to enhance what he’s already doing to recover: “[CBD] helps relax my muscles so I can foam roll even deeper, and work out the kinks while ignoring the pain a bit more.”

4. To reduce game-day stress

This might be the area with the most encouraging evidence, says Bonn-Miller—studies performed with actual human subjects (not rats) have shown that it has some anxiety-reducing properties. Emphasis on “some,” though. “There’s more evidence for CBD’s potential for easing anxiety than there is for a lot of other claims about its benefits,” he says.


What is this thing, and how is it supposed to work?

CBD is one of the 104 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that lack the psychoactive properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the one responsible for getting you high. Googling “CBD health benefits” yields articles that tout its healing properties for everything from pain relief to anxiety, and studies that examine its effectiveness in treating neurological disorders like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. These claims make it an intriguing option for athletes looking to ease sore muscles after a workout, manage chronic pain, or stress less over a big race.


Products to use Pre Workout

1. Pacific CBD Co 2000mg Tincture (oil drops)

2. Pacific CBD Co 125mg Joint & Muscle Rub


Products to use Post Workout

1. Pacific CBD Co 2000mg Tincture (oil drops)

2. Pacific CBD Co 500mg Joint & Muscle Rub

3. Pacific CBD Co Face & Body Lotion 80mg. (optional) Some of our clients have found this useful if you may get stress headaches after a workout.  After a workout use a small amount and rub into your temples and along your jawline.