World Cup 2018 Will Be First to Allow CBD

As most of you may know, the FIFA world cup starts started earlier this year. This year has indicated some changes. The World Anti Doping Agency also know as (WADA) has officially removed the use of CBD making this the first world cup in which any substance remotely close to marijuana substance is allowed on the field.


Given the push towards the legalization of marijuana, other cannabis products like CBD, have intrigued researchers and people alike. CBD doesn't get you high, unlike the more famous psychoactive THC. Research has shown that CBD is highly effective in treating cases of anxiety, epilepsy, and chronic pain. Professional sports has been very hesitant of making these kind of products allowed in the league due to its link to THC.


This is going to change the recovery as well for most players and injuries regarding players pain. This alternative pain relief can help players get on the road to recovery and get back to playing. This might help push other professional sports to allow CBD as well. Only time will tell what will truly happen in our professional sporting world.