CBD is a preferred form of treatment for chronic pain. It has become the alternative choice of treatment for those patients who are prone to take certain addictive medications like opioids. A setback for the patients is that this drug is still to be approved by the FDA. Still, studies are showing a promising future for this drug as a pain reliever.  Depending on the Pain level you should consult a Doctor or a reputable company like Pacific CBD CO.

As time progresses, more and more people are opening up to the potential benefits of CBD for the treatment of different types of pain. Let us take a look at some facts related to CBD and pain:

  1. CBD oil started its journey as a form of prescribed medicine for pain relief. The research being conducted to prove its full efficiency is still slow in its pace. So, as of now, it cannot be conclusively said that CBD is the ultimate cure for pain.
  2. CBD is a form of cannabinoid. It differs from other forms because it does not give a ‘high’ feeling to its users.
  3. It is extracted from cannabis plants in an oil form.


A person usually experiences two types of pain in their body:

  1. Chronic pain – A pain which extends over twelve weeks.
  2. Acute pain- A pain which makes us aware of an injury which might have happened in our body. Compared to chronic pain, acute pain is an ordinary vibe.

 Chronic pain – Facts

Usually, chronic pain results from either a long-term illness or due to an injury to the body. A patient suffering from chronic pain experience lack of sleep, loss of hunger, exhaustion, and so on.

The reason for the occurrence of chronic pain is still not clear. Sometimes it happens when the chemicals in the brain which are responsible for stopping pain do not work properly. Other times it happens due to unknown causes.

How does it work?

The research conducted in the field shows how CBD form an interactive network in the body with the immunity system and the brain receptors. You might have heard of the immunity system, but what are receptors? They are proteins (tiny) which are linked to cells in your body. These cells help in the process of responding to the signals(chemical) that are sent out by various stimuli. Such a process helps in killing pain and controlling inflammation. Both of these can aid in the management of pain. The process mentioned above clearly shows how CBD can effectively help in managing chronic pain and provide relief to patients.

Patients resort to using CBD oil when they lose hope after the usage of sleep aids or pain killers. Here are some of the ways in which CBD oil can prove beneficial for patients with chronic pain:


  1. Fights inflammation – When a patient suffers from regular inflammation in the body, it usually leads to tissue damage and pain. The use of CBD oil provides an effective and helpful short-term cure as well as a solution for the long term. The added advantage is that it manages to steer clear of any negative effects on the stomach, liver or kidney.
  2. Helps in muscle relaxation – Those who suffer from chronic pain are forced to skip healthy exercises. CBD oil, which has pain relieving and anti inflammatory properties, helps in the relaxation of muscles. So, with the help of CBD oil, exercises like yoga can be easily performed.
  3. Helps in managing lack of sleep – The nerves in our body are always in a state of a threat when we are under the influence of chronic pain. The body feels endangered in such a situation as there is an imbalance created in our system. Consequently, our body loses the inclination to sleep. The CBD oil which is prescribed for relieving pain has neuro protective elements. These elements help in solving the issue of sleep depravity.
  4. Relieving symptoms of depression – Patients afflicted with chronic pain most likely suffer from consequent depression as well. Compared to other medicines, CBD oil offers an advantage. Along with managing the pain, it can also treat depression.


Relief from arthritis pain

The initial research for arthritis pain has been done on animals and shows promising results. The sample group was provided with a fixed dosage of CBD oil four days in a row. The researchers noted that there was an overall reduction in the pain of the affected joints along with a reduction in the signs of inflammation.

The CBD oil which offers effective relief for pain and also fights inflammation is surely a useful treatment option for arthritis patients.




CBD Oil for Pain – Cannabidiol for chronic Pain