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Is CBD an essential nutrient missing from our diet?

Scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS) as recently as 1990. It is a system found in the bodies of all mammals, which affects our wellbeing in a most fundamental and profound way. It is directly related to our mood, appetite, pain-sensation or tolerance, and memory to name but a few.  Where can you get the nutrient that works with ECS system?  CBD is one of the best ways.

Cannabinoid receptors in the brain as well as the central and peripheral nervous system work with modulatory lipids that act on specific receptors.

Deficiency cause illness

We have learned that deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals can cause damage to the body and eventually cause disease. For example, a lack of Vitamin C causes scurvy, which could even cause death if we don’t correct the imbalance.

Cannabis grew on all continents even in prehistoric times. Animals and humans used it as a food source. People also used it as medicine and for fiber to make ropes, sails, cloth, etc. Suddenly, in the 30’s, governments started telling us that all forms of cannabis are bad, and the rest is history.

Why would we have receptors if we don’t need cannabinoids?

Although the body makes its own cannabinoids, people used to supplement them with cannabinoids from hemp foods. Now, this age-old source of nutrition is no longer available. If CBD is an essential nutrient, the author argues, it’s not surprising that we have developed disease-causing deficiencies. It’s certainly food for thought!

Everybody used to eat CBD

People used to give domesticated animals such as chickens the grain or seeds of hemp in the past. They also cooked in hemp oil and ground up plant parts to use as food. There are also ancient records showing that cannabis used to be used as a medicine thousands of years ago.

The author of the article is convinced there is a direct correlation between the total removal of phytocannabinoids from our diet and escalating autoimmune- and neurodegenerative disease. Medical marijuana is showing remarkable promise in the treatment of these conditions. Could that be because we are addressing a deficiency?

How would we know if CBD is an essential nutrient?

The idea that a lack of phytocannabinoids in our diet might make us ill does seem to have merit. Many people use CBD oil because they believe it will help them to remain healthy.

It would be very difficult to prove that CBD is an essential nutrient that prevents disease. To do so, scientists would need to undertake long-term studies. They would have to measure groups that used cannabinoids, comparing the incidence of disease to that of a group that uses no cannabinoids. Is anyone looking for a research project that could last a lifetime? If so, you just found one!